CBD skin care products contain inflammatory properties that are useful for reducing potential triggers of eczema. Furthermore, CBD Beauty Products help smoothening of our skin and reduce presence of irritation on our skin. CBD oil is also useful mainly for the individuals with sensitive skin.

How to use Skin Care Products?

With any CBD skin care product, it is important to follow the guidelines given on the product, how much to apply it and how to use. Applying CBD into your skincare is a great idea as it provides for extra protection against free radicals and some oxidative stress.  If you want to boost your hydration, you should mix the oil with a moisturizer. After that, try to apply CBD oil topically with a cream when the skin gets irritated. Whenever your skin looks like irritated, you should opt for a facial treatment which is worthy of relaxing spa experiences.

Why is it good for your skin? 

Known for healing components, CBD Beauty Products offer antioxidant benefits which are important to in treating skin dryness and radical damages. CBD helps to reduce production of sebum in the skin. Study shows that CBD is beneficial for treating presence and appearance of acne scars. Research has shown how useful CBD is when it comes to treating some common symptoms of skin conditions such as irritation and dryness. Presence of anti-inflammatory in CBD is useful in reducing psoriasis, dermatitis and also eczema 

How to choose the right CBD skin care products?

CBD is easily available and is popping up more in beauty products. We choose these CBD beauty products based on what we think are of better quality and transparency and a good indicator of safety. We consider the following when choosing a CBD skin care products;

   – The company’s certification and manufacturing process

  – Overall ingredients, to know if the added ingredients are useful for one’s intended use 

 – Indicators of customers’ trust and brand reputation such as what customer say about their products, whether there are cases of unhealthy claims.

Long term negative effects of CBD skin care products

It’s believed that excessive and continued use of CBD may lead to side effects like memory loss, moods swing such as irritability and also slow reaction to time. CBD can also cause effects like low hypertension, dryness in the mouth, and drowsiness. It can also lead to liver injury due to high dose.


CBD from Lumiere help to reduce swelling from existing breakouts such as irritation hence one can find cosmetics like lotions or oil